About Myself

Jon hails from Liverpool, England and credits his grandmother for spurring his lifelong passion for cooking.  With everyday solutions, lively tips and classic techniques, Jon works with one foot in the professional, and one foot in the domestic kitchen, giving his audience the skills to cook with confidence. His passion for culinary arts and teaching can make a home chef out of anyone. No matter what Jon does, he remembers his grandmother’s wise words, “to share with others.”

A dad to Victoria Mei, Jon loves working with kids and is committed to making mealtimes across America matter again. He is a graduate of St. Helens College in Great Britain and began his culinary career in several notable English restaurants, including the Derby Lodge Hotel and The Kirkfield Hotel in Newton Le-Willows. After moving to the United States to follow his childhood dream, Jon launched into the business with a passion for sharing his craft and making good food accessible. He has appeared frequently on The Today Show and The Tonight Show. Many of America’s most trusted brands have put their products in Jon’s hands including: Walt Disney, J.M. Smucker Company, Procter & Gamble, ConAgra and many more. He is currently the food correspondent for the nationally syndicated morning show, The Daily Buzz, which broadcasts to more than 160 stations.

Through his work as Contributing Editor of Parade (65 MM weekly readers) and Dash (36 MM monthly readers) magazines, Jon can be seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates across the nation as he travels on media tours and presentations for the Dash Around the Table Cook Show Tour. The two-hour multi-city event combines cooking demonstrations with audience interaction.