Like its World-Renowned Wines, Adelaide’s Honey Ages to Perfection

Sometimes you must face some fears to realize greatness. This can be as true in the culinary world as in the realm of superheroes, as I learn in Episode 3 of “Crystal Cruises Presents: Culinary Journeys Hosted by Chef Jon Ashton.” Adelaide: the capital of South Australia and renowned for great wines and magnificent outdoor explorations. It is also the home of some of the world’s best honey. With the guidance of local food expert Mark Gleeson, I brave 20,000 bees – a feat I am less than excited to embark upon – in search of the finest honey in Adelaide. In this venture, I discover the effect of aging batches of honey and just how worthwhile the sweet golden syrup is.

Beyond the hive, follow as pay a visit to the oldest public market in Adelaide, where a symphony of fresh flavors of all kinds culminate in a foodie heaven. On the menu here: olive oil, another of Adelaide’s finest local products. Like all things cuisine, there is an art to discerning the perfect olive oil and pairings thereof. Learn the proper considerations and allow your mouth to water just a bit as you follow me back to the ship for some original culinary creations with Crystal’s executive pastry chef.

Chef Harold Neufang has honed his culinary talents aboard Crystal ships for 23 years, and is a master of the sweetest elements of the shipboard experience. When we combine his creative genius with my found treasures during my Adelaide culinary journey, the result is sweet, silky, creamy and simply perfect.

Until next time, I’m chef Jon Ashton.

Be sure to check back on April 16th for the next installment of my Culinary Journey with Crystal Cruises.