To those who reside outside Australia, barramundi is an exotic catch. But Down Under, it is the catch of the day, nearly every day, and a prominent star on most seafood menus and home tables alike. Understandably, as the mild white fish lends easily to virtually any flavor palate or side dish without the pungent “fishy” taste and aroma that deter many diners. High in Omega-3, protein and the perfect amount of fat for cooking in a variety of ways, barramundi is a superstar of the seafood world.

In the latest episode of “Crystal Cruises Presents: A Culinary Journey Hosted by Chef Jon Ashton,” Jon ventures into Sydney with a mission: to explore the many ways locals prepare and enjoy this favorite fare. It’s an important assignment, one issued by Crystal Cruises’ Executive Chef Werner Brenner, who challenged Jon and the Crystal Serenity culinary team to each create their own take on the versatile fish. Jon’s research takes him to the heart of the Sydney Fish Market – the third largest in the world – where the trading of freshly caught delicacies from the sea begins at 5:30 in the morning.

According to local food expert Jim Henry, all barramundi needs to shine is “lemon, parsley, capers, and a bit of love on the bar-be-que.” But Jon and Crystal Serenity’s chefs – Alfred Napotnik, Chef de Cuisine in Prego and David George, Chef de Cuisine in Waterside – each have their own ideas. Watch their culinary mastery come to life as they create individual dishes to showcase this classic Sydney specialty. Will they impress Chef Brenner?

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